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Wine Harvest 2018: Rush hour at ZGM

Picking the grapes of the 2018 vintage is running at full speed. Thanks to the excellent weather conditions ZGM has currently registered over 20 million litres of fresh must.

“Around 100 winegrowers from Ediger-Eller to Enkirch are now bringing us their grapes” says Lothar Bremm of same-named wine commissioning company in Zell/Mosel. And at the ZGM-owned wine pressing centre at Bad Bergzabern/Pfalz about 3.4 million kilos of grapes from the oldest wine cooperative of the Pfalz region, St. Paul, have already been collected.

Even the reception of bulk wine at ZGM is in full swing: several trucks are in service to deliver wines from Germany and other European countries to ZGM.