Company Data

Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller, in short ZGM, based in Zell in the Moselle Valley is one of the leading wineries in Germany. The family business was founded in 1886 by Jacob Zimmermann and remained in the hands of the family's successor generations until 2023. In April 2023, the French winery Les Grands Chais de France took over the business shares, with ZGM as an independently operating company within the GCF Group, focussing on expanding the existing worldwide sales activities.

The success of ZGM is based on excellent wine quality which stands in the centre of our business. Decades of experience in the production and sale of wine made the development and distribution of attractive wine labels such as Michel Schneider and Lorch possible. For the first-named label significant growth in sales has been achieved through media advertising.

Over the past year ZGM has also widened its range by including children’s drinks thanks to the support of trade marks such as Hello Kitty and Smurfs and has thus been able to prove its high level of performance in both production and marketing. The winery stands for innovation which satisfy the many different consumer requirements and markets. In 2019 ZGM launched the Allure line which was especially developed for a younger target group. In the sector of Bag-in-Box ZGM is one of the market leaders in Germany and is seen as a competitive suppliers in this segment. 

The wide ZGM range of German, European and New World wines is available almost everywhere in the German food retail trade and on the shelves of numerous other countries.
The company is a leader in its quality philosophy covering the complete range of products. As one of the strongest export businesses in the German wine industry its wines are sold in over 50 countries of the world.

Over 1000 selected winegrowers from the Rhineland-Palatinate supply the winery with grapes. Through the acquisition of the Lorch winery in 2009 ZGM has its own grape-pressing station and its own bulk wine cellar in Bad Bergzabern.

Since the completion of the new warehouse complex in 2017 ZGM is the proud owner of one of the most modern high rack storage systems in the wine business.