1886 Jacob Zimmermann, the great great grandfather of the present owners, Dr. Tina Schiemann and Dominik Hübinger, founded the winery Zimmermann-Graeff.

1989 The filling operation is relocated in Zell-Barl.

1992 The renowned winery Ewald Theodor Drathen of Alf, Mosel was purchased.
1998 Zimmermann-Graeff merged with the company Rudolf Müller and founded the group “Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller” in short „ZGM“.
In the same year ZGM acquired the company Michel Schneider which was founded in 1869 and which – for a long time – had been one of the largest wineries in the Moselle region.

2006 ZGM acquired the shares previously held by the family Müller-Rundquist.

2008 ZGM acquired the winery Weinbund and integrated it into the Kinheim plant.

2009 ZGM acquired the Winery Lorch, Bad Bergzabern with its integrated press station and continued to collaborate with the St. Paul producer group.

2011 Relocation to the new administrative building and celebration of ZGM’s 125th anniversary.
2014 Generational change in the management: J. Hübinger resigns as managing director and takes over chairmanship of the advisory board, handing over responsibility to both his children and to Hans-Josef Esch, long-standing managing director of ZGM.

2016 The construction of a state-of-the-art, fully automated high-bay warehouse begins.

2021 the leaderhip duo consists of Dr. Tina Schiemann and Kristian Schiemann.

2023 Acquisition of shares by Les Grand Chais de France. The Management Board consists of Josepf Helfrich, Frédéric Helfrich, Matthias Schwunk und Horst Hillesheim.