Auditing Process

As consumers we assume our food and beverages will not to affect our health and that laws and standards concerning these products fulfil our expectations.

In order to ensure that this is done, manufacturers and producers have to lay down production, packaging, storage and transport regulations so that the requirements can be sustainably met and to satisfy the given expectations.

These production, packaging, storage and transport regulations are determined in the specifications for each product respectively.

Based on these specifications manufacturing and production processes are determined. The possible influences which may cause a process to “get out of hand” ultimately affecting the product, have been evaluated in HACCP studies (risk analysis studies). Probability theories and testing and supervisory measures have resulted from these studies.

In order to consider all aspects which may lastingly impact a product, the food industry has developed standards in cooperation with trade partners and customers. These provisions for standards scrutinize all processes and areas in which the quality of a product may be influenced and consequently affect legal and customer requirements.

The certification by the auditing companies verifies that the legal requirements, customer demands and the quality requirements have been sustainably fulfilled.

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