We process a natural product:  A noble commodity which relies on a clean environment and careful handling.
Our company can only be successful when we care and respect the nature around us and endeavour to make sustainable use of all necessary resources.

We want to make a contribution to caring for the environment in cooperation with our partners, vintners and suppliers: from the grape through the wine cellar on to filling and finally reaching the consumer.
Apart from conventional cultivation we also support organic viticulture and are continually widening our product range.

We value long-standing contractual relationships with our contracting vintners from whom we receive our grapes directly after harvesting. We offer long-term planning certainty and reliability while securing the livelihood of most small winegrowing businesses.

We offer our contracting vintners the support and advice of our wine cellar professionals and oenologists and also plan the harvesting process and the actual bringing in of the harvest with them mutually.

In our factories we use all energy sources such as oil, electricity and gas according to energy-saving aspects and have implemented a certified operational energy management system which is supervised by a full-time energy manager.

Our administration building was built under consideration of all modern energetically efficient aspects in 2011 and it is heated in winter and cooled in summer with a minimum amount of energy.

By installing modern lighting fixtures energy consumption has been considerably reduced.

We also ensure that the packaging materials we use are made of renewable raw materials if possible and that they can be recycled.

We feel it is of the utmost importance that our staff is healthy and well and so we have introduced a company health management system. Demands on the employees are constantly increasing due to the prolongation of the working life and heavier workloads. We put a great deal of emphasis on the personal health and fitness of our staff and want to contribute to the well-being of our employees as a company.

Vision = Our Objectives
ZGM’s objective is to become the most successful internationally active German winery by 2020.
We want to give consumers the feeling of pleasure and zest for life every day and forever - worldwide.

ZGM stands for zest for life and has done so since 1886.

The togetherness of the owner family, management and staff forms the basis of our success.

We show respect and trust towards our employees and want to be able to work together in a team with the necessary openness and honesty in the search for working solutions.  We want to achieve our goal of attaining highest performance by approaching our work with pleasure and with commitment to making every day better.

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