ZGM kicks off its climate neutrality concept with Allure wines

„Uniquely luxurious. Stylish. And climate neutral“– This is how Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller (ZGM) from Zell / Mosel will be presenting its Allure range of wines in 2020.

Fitting to the target group, ZGM is counting on climate neutrality with its Allure wines as according to the survey conducted by the Association for Consumer Research (GfK) in October 2019 over 50 per cent of respondents saw climate protection as the responsibility of producers. “The wine concept presented in the “Brilliant diamond bottle” is very special and targets young females. “We believe that this target group places particular value on climate protection. That is the reason why we are kicking off our climate neutral products with the Allure line” explains Gerald Wüst, Managing Director of Marketing at ZGM.  Furthermore, ZGM is contributing to climate protection by committing itself to the CO2 voluntary compensation payment scheme. These costs will not be added to the selling price and the current selling price will remain untouched (recommended retail price: 4.99 Euro/0.75 L including VAT). If this concept goes down well with consumers, further products will follow.

At ZGM a large portion of our energy needs is already covered by our own solar panels. This reduces the CO2 emissions considerably but achieving climate neutrality certification also includes other aspects. Cultivation, production, packaging, transport, waste management, staff mobility, company resources, office supplies, hygiene and cleaning materials, and even consumer goods such coffee and tea have to be disclosed in order to obtain certification. The resulting CO2 emission calculated for the company was then converted and evaluated onto the Allure wine series based on litres and bottles respectively. ZGM will invest the resulting CO2 compensation payment in a portfolio of CO2 –reducing projects such as the protection of rain forests or investments in hydro-electric power plants.

Climate neutrality means offsetting all the CO2 emissions arising from a process, product or company to the same amount with a climate protection project. An even balance between CO2 production and CO2 reduction is the pre-condition for obtaining the appropriate certification.

Explanation of the term „Climate Neutrality”:
Climate neutrality is a term which resulted from the Kyoto Protocol. Hence in this context not only CO2 but also all other greenhouse gases have to be considered and compensated. CO2 is the short name for all CO2 equivalents. All gases included in these CO2 equivalents are those which were defined in the Kyoto Protocol as so-called Kyoto-Greenhouse gases (e.g. Methane, nitrous oxide (NO2), inter alia). All Kyoto greenhouse gases are converted into CO2 units via their Global Warming Potential (GWP).
The greenhouse effect of 1 g methane is equivalent to that of 21 g carbon dioxide. Thus 1 kg of methane is equivalent to 25 kg of CO2. The various Kyoto greenhouse gases can be thus be standardized and can be represented in a single factor.

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