Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller was, is and will remain a family enterprise.

For five generations committed family business personalities have led the company with their knowledge, their experience and their resourcefulness.

Since the end of the seventies Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller has developed into one of the leading wineries in Germany under the leadership of Johannes Hübinger.

The present management trio comprises both his children, Tina Schiemann, responsible for production and logistics, and Dominik Hübinger, responsible for Sales and Marketing. Son-in-law Kristian Schiemann is authorized signatory for the company and heads the Central Purchasing, Human Resources and Organisation departments.

A broad assortment of German, European and New World Wines enjoy great popularity with wine connoisseurs around the world.

Company Data

Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller, short ZGM, based in Zell in the Moselle Valley is one of the leading wineries in Germany. The family business was founded in 1886 by Jacob Zimmermann.

Over the last 30 years of the last millennium Johannes Hübinger developed the company into an internationally active winery. In 2014 he handed over his leadership to his children Dr. Tina Schiemann and Dominik Hübinger, who are now managing the company together with son-in-law Kristian Schiemann (since 2016). Johannes Hübinger has now taken on a new position as Chairman of the Advisory Board.
ZGM currently employs 282 staff including 19 trainees.

In 2017 our turnover amounted about 160 million Euros.

ZGM own a total of three factories. On a production area of 5,000 m² Factory I (Zell-Barl) and Factory II (Kinheim) run two shifts daily and with their 4 bottling and 2 Bag-in-Box filling we can produce more than 500,000 bottles and 120,000 litres of BIBs every day.

In Bad Bergzabern we have a bulk wine cellar including a wine pressing station. The vintners from the oldest wine cooperative in the Pfalz region, St. Paul, bring in their harvest of grapes to the station where the grapes are carefully treated according to the latest oenological knowledge.

ZGM has storage capacity for 54 million litres of bulk wine and with storage areas amounting to 36,000 m² in total we can also store a further 10 million litres of bottled wine.

Our consequently structured quality management forms the basis for ensuring that we consistently meet the high EU quality standards.

With sales of over 56 million litres of German wine ZGM has become a market leader thanks to its quality philosophy. We are one of the most prominent export companies in the German wine industry with our wines being sold in more than 37 countries.

In Germany we maintain supply business relationships with almost all the large and important food retailers and are in a position to offer these retailers and end consumers an attractive price/performance ratio.

More than 1,000 carefully chosen vintners from Rhineland-Palatinate supply us with their grapes.  By taking over the Lorch company in 2009, ZGM now owns its own pressing station and bulk wine cellar in Bad Bergzabern.

We thus guarantee controlled qualities from the vintner to the wine connoisseur.